Nick Mantas

Dedicated Leader

Nick has helped enrich his community and the lives of those around him since he was young. Whether in an official capacity, or as a volunteer, Nick has always put the well-being and welfare of others as his top priority. Through his involvement, he has helped to advance culture, democracy, and business. 

A Worldly Outlook

Having studied in several countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, Nick has developed both a solid academic background and heightened cultural awareness. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from York University, a certificate in Islamic Finance from Durham University (UK), a Post-Graduate Certificate in International Shipping Finance from the Institute of Maritime and Economic Studies, Athens (Greece), and has pursued postgraduate studies in International Relations & Government at Harvard University.

Well-Respected Team Player

Nick’s work has been applauded and endorsed by many of his constituents and community leaders, including former cabinet ministers, heads of ethnocultural communities, business owners, and, most importantly, the everyday citizen. He is regarded as honest, humble, dedicated, and hard-working by everyone who has had the privilege to work with him.

An Experienced Policy-Maker

Prior to being elected to City Council, he was a proud civil servant in several capacities. Whether through his time as a Federal constituency assistant, a policy advisor to the Senate of Canada, or as Chief of Staff to a Toronto City Councillor, Nick has always had the best interests of his community as his focus. Amassing a great deal of knowledge and practical know-how, he has supported and advocated on behalf of his fellow citizens at all levels of government, in business, and through non-profit advocacy work.

Putting Community First

Nick’s dedication to community service is demonstrated by his participation in many cultural and business organizations, including being elected Chair of the Panarcadian Federation of Canada and serving as a Director of the Hellenic Canadian Board of Trade (HCBT), having helped to organize trade missions between Canada and Greece. His honest approach and sincerity have earned him the respect of both his local and international colleagues and the community as a whole.

A Champion of Democracy

Nicks’ deep commitment to humanity and democracy saw him take on the role as an elections observer in Libya just after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi. After this, he was invited to monitor the elections in post-Chavez Venezuela. His dedication and belief in the human spirit guided him through any perceived dangers that these environments may have posed. While most would fear for their lives, Nick saw this as an opportunity to make a difference to those who, on a daily basis, put their own lives in danger to have a taste of that which many of us take for granted. His passion and genuine nature was welcomed by the countless democracy-seekers he came across during his time in both countries.

Ready to Continue Working with You

Over his tenure as your City Councillor, Nick has worked diligently to address the concerns of Ward 22 residents. As an experienced civil servant, he has a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities before us. Nick further knows the intricacies and diplomacy involved in collaborating with residents as well as all levels of government in order to make things happen.

Together, let's continue to get things done for Scarborough-Agincourt!

Organizations Nick is currently involved in: 

  • Toronto City Council
  • Scarborough Community Council
  • General Government and Licensing Committee 
  • Board of Directors of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund
  • Toronto Regional Conservation Authority 
  • Canadian National Exhibition Association 
  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM):
    • Ontario Regional Caucus 
    • Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development
    • Standing Committee on International Relations
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